Tuesday, 3 May 2011

So... today I found a NYX stand at BHS in Cambridge! It was pure accident, and I got so excited, I had to get something, even with my sever lack of money :)
I ended up getting a glitter liner, one that I've wanted for a long time... and there were so many cool palettes, but I finally decided on the 'Winter in Moscow' palette, which had colours inside that I don't use often, simply because I had ne idea how to use them before, but this palette makes it easy because all the colours go together. There are lots of muted greys and browns, 2 lovely blushes that compliment the shades, and some sheer glosses.
I love the colours, they're easy to blend, soft. I'll put some pictures up soon.

Meanwhile... I am loving MAC studio finish concealer!!! I really loved the NYX concealer in a jar, but studio finish it is so much more opaque and long lasting. My dark circles are very dark!

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