Monday, 28 February 2011

Health, Money & The Self

So it's 3am and I still can't sleep... hmm.

I was just thinking, I think I realised why I indulge when I have the extra money that I COULD save...  because I never really had 'things'. My parents never had mass amounts of money, so birthdays and christmas' weren't much compared to what everyone else seemed to be getting. People get so many things from family and friends it amazes me, and... I get pretty jealous sometimes.

Finally having my own money means a turning point in my personal style and development... slowly I can buy the clothes I want, the shoes, the makeup etc.

I always wanted to be able to dress like this the above picture (Lily Donaldson, btw).
I have been a bit obsessed with reading Vogue, Bazaar and Elle... I love keeping up to date with fashion, but it never reflects in my clothing because I lack the money for it!

Most of all though, I don't have the BODY to dress like that- just because you like the style doesn't mean it will suit your body type. Which is why I go back to the fail safe jeans and t shirt I guess. Again, money factors in to this.

Living with Martin's parents is lovely, but they do not have a healthy balance of food in the house. It means I have to buy my own, but I'm at a loss because I have no idea where to start.
I need a healthy balance of affordable foods.

This is most definately why the doctors think I'm anaemic... and I can't actually help it. I need to start making a change. I need to do some research... I haven't been happy with my body for a while, I guess.

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