Monday, 28 February 2011

Today's Purchases

 Cambridge was really nice, we had a lovely meal and walked around town for a bit. I behaved myself (kind of), and only bought The Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass... they're discontinuing it! I have the lipstick so I thought I'd get it too. It's actually more pigmented than the lipstick, and stays on longer!

I then got the Painterly paint pot... and Martin decided he liked 'Morange' so he bought it for me. He's way too nice to me :O <3

The pictures are quite bad so I apologise, couldn't get my hands on the good camera. I was basically trying to show how bright the lipstick is, but seriously none of these do it justice. It's the most pigmented, bright orange I have ever come across!!! When it goes on it looks kind of matte in person although it's not. You can also build it up from a small amount which is really nice and not too shocking. I rather like it :-) 

I resisted anything else, and the Estee Lauder lipstick... I really want Vanilla Truffle but it's on their permanent range so there's no rush. Also, it doesn't smell too great :-/

(the pic at the bottom is the yummiest starter ever, chicken potstickers mmmm)

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