Tuesday, 1 March 2011

MAC Morange & NARS Orgasm Review (of sorts)

Before I get to the NARs blush (<3), I wanted to put some pics up demonstrating how 'Morange'(Amplified Cremesheen) by MAC can be used as a striking bright orange colour, or a soft almost coral...
 Again, the lighting doesn't do it justice (really want the old camera back lol), so I found a picture on google which shows it's true intensity... (it's really opaque)
Absolutely stunning! And perfect for the summer.  But what I really love about this lipstick is the fact that you can layer it to the intensity you want.
Here, I simply dabbed it onto my lips, the result is a gorgeous, soft corally effect. (If a bit messy, sorry lol)
I actually had no idea this lipstick was going to be as awesome as it is, or that I really wanted it. Martin saw it and said he wanted to buy it for me (he's a sweetheart <3), and I'm really glad he did. Thank you Marty :)

Now, on to the NARS Orgasm...
This was the packaging... First impressions, very sleek :)

The little mirror inside is actually really good, I tend to use compact mirrors as the ones in my house aren't near natural light.
The actual blush is a peachy-pink with tiny gold flecks in it. The colour appears a lot more pink than peach, but when applied it becomes a lot more peachy.
Here is the swatch after layering the colour quite thick, as you can see it isn't as 'clownish' as in the pan, but it's still very opaque and you only need a little to get a nice effect. Layering looks equally as nice, in fact.

I will post some pictures up of it on my face, I have a theory that it will look really nice with Morange, so I'll keep you posted on that. :-)
I believe the rest of my MAC was dispatched yesterday aswell, so I'm hoping it arrives tonight! :-)

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